Lipsi: the island of the Dodecanese

In Lipsi there is no airport, no hospital, very few inhabitants and when I’ve been here in 2018, mass tourism had not yet arrived at the end of June.
People come here to be in peace, explore the island and enjoy the blue sea along with the splendid Greek sun.
The silence is broken only by the sound of the sea waves and, when you move a little away from the beach, also by the bells of the goats. They are the characteristic sounds of these parts of Greece. They will make you fall in love … Just as you will fall in love with these splendid little churches with blue roofs that are scattered almost everywhere. Some are open, others closed, but the best part is climbing a hill, walking for a while and finding these buildings perfectly preserved over time …

Photo by Patty Apostolides on Unsplash

Here, in Lipsi, you can get lost in the village streets in search of a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious Mediterranean meal. While there aren’t crowds of other Greek islands, some evenings you may already find some full restaurants, especially the more popular ones or those with sea views (not necessarily the same ones). But breathing this peace and quiet of the place after a panorama of is always worthwhile.

Lipsi: the white and blue houses of the village crossed by small streets
Photo Adobe stock

If walking a bit doesn’t tire you, you can admire the landscape that leads to the most suggestive beaches (alternatively you can rent bikes, scooters or take a taxi).

Robert Powell, CC BY-SA 3.0, through Wikimedia Commons

Personally my favorite beach in Lipsi is Platis Gialos (not the one in the picture) for these reasons:
– there is a suggestive walk to get there (under the sun so get organized);
-there is a restaurant;
-the water is blue like that of a swimming pool and also at a pleasant temperature;
-until too many people start to arrive, it is divinely;
-here too you will find ducks and goats and, if you are with children, you make them have fun without having to keep them in the water all the time.

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