Seven good reasons to travel alone…and two reasons not to

It has happened to many that we have to travel alone but some of us almost always happen because, as you know, it brings various advantages, especially at certain times of the year. I know many people who have found themselves starting alone because they were “ripped off” at the last minute by the group they were traveling with and others who were left by their boyfriend or girlfriend a few days before a trip planned for months.

Personally, I discovered this way of traveling more or less when most of my friends started getting married and starting a family. The large traveling groups slowly disintegrated and in the small groups that remained there was no longer the harmony of the past. Also I realized that I certainly could not plan to travel with the families of my friends who had grown up all my life (which has happened but in “uncle” mode and entirely acceptable).

But in these years of pure messing around, casual encounters, planned trips the evening before leaving and total carefree, I have found that even the solo trip has a large number of advantages that when you are in too many people you cannot have. Obviously there is also some negative side, but if life were perfect, we won’t spend so much time trying to improve ourselves.

Good! let’s go in order

  1. The first good thing that comes to mind when I think about traveling alone is the idea of being able to plan everything in absolute freedom. The very low season is now my high season and this allows me to save money, travel more and not have to insist too much for vacation when no one else is on vacation.
  2. Second thing: when traveling alone, you are hardly ever alone. This means that you can choose your travel companions, without having to offend someone if, in a moment of your trip, you do not want to socialize or do not feel the need. I have traveled thousands of kilometers and, especially on international buses and night trains, I have met dozens of people. Slow travel is the best way to meet new people. Sometimes we talk for a few hours, others stop to eat, still others stop in the same city. In hostels, on the other hand, I shared days and nights with strangers and changed my travel plans because I was fine with my new travel companions. Had I been with some group of travelers it would not have been possible for me, I think.
  3. When you are traveling alone and have left without a plan or even a reservation, it is certainly easier to find a place to sleep alone. If you exclude the high season, where it can happen to find everything full, the math teaches us that a free bed in a hostel is easier to find than three or five. In any case, I have wonderful memories of a trip to cold and rainy Scotland where, in an emergency, I stayed one night in a container near the port of Aberdeen and another outside Glasgow station during the hours in which it remained. closed. But, even in those few hours of cold and uncertainty, I happened to meet the craziest people I have ever met in my entire life!
  4. When you travel alone you can decide which mess to get yourself into
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5. One thing I noticed in “group travel”, but also when I was very young, is the big difference people have in terms of habits. Wake up in the morning, for example: there are those who at 7 are already running to the beach or have breakfast and others who do not want to get out of bed before 11. Yes, you are right, I have forgotten the ones that at 5 in the morning (or at night) are already around. It is not known if they are already awake or if they have never gone to sleep (but it doesn’t matter). Now, either we divide into small groups with similar times, or the solitary life is the ideal solution to plan the days in perfect harmony with yourself and never having to wait or be expected by anyone.

6. When traveling solo you can choose how best to poison yourself during the day: fast food, restaurants, street food or supermarkets are all at your discretion. There are no healthy girlfriends or friends who can advise you or protect you from bad choices

7.Traveling alone teaches you to get by without the help of others and without the help of mom and dad … When you are alone and in a distant country you have to learn to get by, at least for the little things, without the support of nobody.
Then it happened that I had to call my parents or the bank because I was having problems, but otherwise there is no one who will come to help you if you get lost in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.
… perhaps …

I would be a liar if I said that solo travel is always perfect. The first big disadvantage is that in couples or in larger groups you spend less (if the person who is with you is willing to divide the expenses equally!). Traveling alone involves sustainable costs if you travel by public transport and sleep in a hostel, campsite or, as it sometimes happened, on night trains or buses and, sometimes even on some sofa at someone’s home. But as you grow up (or get older) your needs change and you start going to hotels, renting cars and all these things. When you carry a camera and equipment that is worth a lot of money you have to spend a little more money and being two comes with an advantage (except for all the stops you make every time you see a beautiful subject to photograph)

The second “downside” of solo travel is probably the so-called “dead time”. Personally I have learned to fill them with many activities that I have created over the years but, I remember seeing so many people and myself getting bored for hours at the end of the day or waiting to go out at night because you don’t have someone to share your time with.

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