Texel: the pearl of the Wadden Sea

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Texel is the largest of the five Dutch islands in the Wadden Sea, considered a protected area and a UNESCO heritage site. About 13,000 people live on this island and its “capital” is called Den Burg.
Despite its decidedly northern position with respect to Holland and Europe, Texel is undoubtedly an island with a tourist aspect. and more relaxing than ever.

The reasons? First of all with its 30 km of coastline, Texel offers a “glimpse” of the sea to both photographers and lovers of the north sea and, secondly, there are so many kilometers of cycle paths here that not even a big city dreams of having.
This means more safety, silence, and the possibility of moving with an ecological and economical vehicle to every corner of the island.

Panorama of a couple riding towards the lighthouse on Texel island, Netherlands

The naturalistic aspect

Whoever thinks of finding only beaches, a lighthouse, kilometers and kilometers of cycle paths on Texel, perhaps does not know that here, as in other islands of the Wadden Sea, many species of seabirds come to “seek shelter and home”. The dunes present in some areas such as those around De Koog, for example, are home to cormorants and spunbills. Arriving in these areas through some paths you will realize that you have entered a real nature reserve. Here it may happen that some areas are limited to allow migratory birds to nest at certain times of the year.
Never forget that one third of this island is considered a nature reserve.

Tourism on the island

Beaches, bicycles, nature and even the wind. If we combine these elements then it is easy to think that Texel is a great attraction for the tourist who loves one of these four elements or all four together. 70% of the profit of the island and its residents comes from tourism. Bike rentals that are essential to allow everyone to ride on the 130 km of cycle paths. A spider’s web if you think about the size of the island!

But there are also beach activities like surfing, kite surfing and everything related to bathing. Without forgetting shops, hotels, restaurants and everything in between. Seven villages on one island which is part of a group of five islands which belong to the Frisian islands.

The world is so small…”

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