7 activities you can do completely for free while traveling (you would never do at home)

The idea of traveling almost always gives us that beautiful feeling of freedom that often makes us lose so many inhibitions that block us in everyday life. Doing stupid things or enjoying life a little more becomes almost natural when traveling. Have you ever noticed how many things we can do and learn, without having to spend an extra euro while we travel?

1. Learn a new language
Asian guy advice map to Myanmar travellers in Bangkok city

From the moment we enter a new culture, we often find ourselves having to deal with a new language, habits and customs. It may happen that you only have to ask for information from an elderly man who does not speak English in a remote village. It may also happen that you want to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak 4 languages like us! And as the days go by we learn, learn, learn …

2. Sleeping at the airport and at the station without looking like homeless people
passenger of the aircraft tired and sleep on the chair in the transit hal of the airport terminal, waiting for the next schedule of the airplane

Traveling is a rather tiring and demanding activity that requires the right rest. Many will have fallen asleep on airplanes, trains and many other public transport but, as many, will have had to stop for many hours (even at night) to wait for a connection at the airport or station. Do you want to put the thrill of waking up at dawn with the whistle of a train or the roar of the first plane taking off?

3. Attend all free events
group of people raise their hands on stadium
Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels.com

When we travel we tend to perceive the place we are visiting as the only or the last occasion in which we will be able to pass through there. Every event or opportunity that presents itself must absolutely be taken or it may never happen again. For this reason, many feel the need to participate in everything. From the free concert, to the festival, to the golf tournament, to the charity fashion show and much more.

4. To fall in love
Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

Anything can happen when traveling. Even falling in love with someone or the place you are visiting that you decide you want to stop there forever! There are many stories of travelers who stopped in a city or a country after finding the love of life or simply because they identified themselves perfectly in the place where they were traveling.
After all, according to a Tibetan proverb, our home is where we are happy ….

5.Waste time
young male friends playing shell game in pub on saint patricks day
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

When we travel, the asphyxiating rhythms of everyday life go to fry for a few days and, although there are some small deadlines to respect, we can manage the greatest amount of free time gained for our use and consumption. There are many healthy and free activities for which we never find time at home, but which on the days we travel we finally have a way to do: walk a lot, go out more at night, stay with loved ones more time, play (even if we are adults), sleep more and waste some time because we have so much in abundance!

6. Sleeping at strangers’ homes
tired faceless men sleeping in camp tent
Photo by Kamaji Ogino on Pexels.com

It may happen that someone offers you hospitality seeing that you are alone in a big city. Or maybe you are the one looking for a “sofa” on some website specialized in hospitality. On my very first two trips to London and Paris I began talking to two different gentlemen who offered me a bed in their home. The one in Paris was rather humble small, while in London it was large and with other people. He also happened to be with a girl in Amsterdam but she didn’t seem very “reliable” and I declined the invitation. Then, via different websites, I slept for free in Riga, Tallin, Hamburg and Norway.
Being hosted does not only mean sleeping for free, but having the opportunity to meet someone local who will be able to show you their city better than anyone else.

7. Doing little trifles without the fear of being recognized by someone.
woman holding newspaper while burning
Photo by Produtora Midtrack on Pexels.com

Do you live in a small village or in a particular context in which you feel too “observed” or judged? Occasionally escaping to a distant place is an opportunity to do what you want (without exaggerating and respecting everyone) without being discriminated against.
Who knows if you don’t want to do some nice gesture for others from time to time?

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