Karl, the most popular (San Francisco) fog in the world

San Francisco’s fog has a name. His name is Karl.
And if that’s not enough, he also has 345,000 followers on Twitter and about 292,000 on Instagram.
Could it be thanks to the “monuments” that he has the honor of covering that has brought him so much popularity?
Yes, because the Golden Gate Bridge is not a trivial matter if we want to mention only the most photographed.
In truth, Karl the fog has a couple of special characteristics: it moves horizontally and creates an effect of natural conditioning. This means cooler days in the hottest periods and fewer thunderstorms in San Francisco Bay.

San Francisco’s fog has inspired poets, photographers and writers, including Jack Kerouac, Arthur Ollman, and Herb Caen.
It seems that his name is inspired by Karl the fog, a character in Big Fish (2003) and that in an episode of Carmen Santiego (cartoon), he refers several times to the fog of San Francisco using the name Karl.

But the real question is: do the inhabitants of San Francisco really like the name Karl, or is fog more than enough to represent a weather phenomenon that gives a certain charm to the American city?

Holidays in San Francisco, Powell Street cable car
Photo by San Francisco Travel Association

According to a survey conducted on various social networks at the beginning of the year, around 71% of respondents are in favor of Karl while the remaining 31% do not like this name very much or are completely against it. The most skeptical about it argue that the SF fog never had a name and therefore it is not necessary to give it one right now. Others, on the other hand, affirm that fog is, and as such it should be called.

In any case, whatever you call it, Karl or fog, it is now part of the city

… and it will probably come back anyway to cover the Golden Gate whenever it feels like it …

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