Christmas in Norway

Christmas in Tromsø (cover photo)

The dark time we experience can be heavy for many. So it is good that the city and the people put light and color in the time before Christmas. Storgata has its own light show. The Arctic Cathedral was once again illuminated in blue. Alfheim was given a red heart in the large panoramic window overlooking the city, and in the square the candles are lit on the Christmas tree. All in all, this dark and strange time makes it a little easier to get through it all...-

The run-up to Christmas is a special time in Norway. Candles light up homes during the cold, dark winter months. Most Norwegian cities have Christmas fairs and markets, seasonal concerts and shows right now. Oslo’s largest Christmas market is that of the Norsk Folkemuseum in Bygdøy. Bergen is famous for its gingerbread town which is erected annually in Torgallmenningen. The mining town of Røros in eastern Norway is a truly magical place to visit in December, and the Tregaarden Christmas House in Drøbak is a must see as Scandinavia’s only permanent Christmas shop.

Visit Bergen / Robin Strand –

Typical Christmas food includes ribbe (roasted pork belly), pinnekjøtt (salted and dried, sometimes smoked, lamb ribs) and lutefisk (stockfish softened in water and lye before cooking).

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  1. Christmas in Norway is an amazing treat if one can afford to travel there. In spite of the frigid temperatures, Norwegians make an effort to light up their towns and cities so beautifully that the senses are delighted. Thanks for this post – it sparked so many fond memories of my time there 🙂

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