Bratislava through my lens

I visited Bratislava for the first time a few years ago, when I was living in Vienna, but for one reason or another I had seen very little and I am only left with lunch time.
A huge mistake!
Bratislava is a really nice city, with the castle that observes everything from above and many interesting ideas for anyone who is passionate about photography and a bit of history.

View of Bratislava

The photo above highlights the difference between the old part of Bratislava with the sloping roofs of the houses and, in the distance, the new part, made of gray and tall buildings of modern conception.
However, one of the photos that have remained in my heart the most, and certainly not for beauty to be clear, is this. The traffic light hangs above the busy road at rush hour. I don’t know. It has something fascinating about it.

traffic lights on a busy street

Since some beautiful photos I took seem to have disappeared forever, I will close (for now with this close-up of some houses that have particularly fascinated me. It is part of the many photos I took from Slavin.

group of houses on the hill

Below, on the other hand, I had some fun with Photoshop on with another photo I had taken from Slavin. The cross, the skyscrapers and the sky that was originally clouded by smog has turned red and covered with a few white clouds.

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