Traveling solo in a convertible around Rhodes

It may happen that, after almost two summers away from your beloved Greece, you feel like returning to an island you’ve already seen. … But this time you decide to see it from a different point of view: – Almost totally alone and with the wind and the scents blowing in your face, while the hot July sun warms you from up there.

So it was Rhodes 2021.
A rental Mini convertible, the warm Greek wind, the emotions of a wonderful car through the solitudes of the wildest corners of this unique island. The less touristy beaches, the more remote typical Greek restaurants, the goats that slow down traffic and, finally, the white villages, which even with a small Mini Cabriolet you cannot enter. The beauty of being able to enter, find an almost deserted parking lot, walk a bit, then come back and find the car so hot that you can’t even touch the steering wheel.

My Mini on the way to Prasonisi Beach

In order not to get too bored with the same photos, here is some of the Greek splendor that everyone should enjoy and, without going too far, I am going to conclude with a few photos this short but intense journey that I hope to repeat soon, always on board of another Mini convertible and always on another Greek island.

A divine fish lunch in a restaurant on Primiri beach

On the road to Primmiri beach

finally the pearl.

A “small” accident (not caused by me of course) knocked out my Mini two days before my return home and, as usual, the Greeks proved helpful and efficient. When it comes to tourism, these people are always at the top and do not miss the opportunity to prove themselves the best for hospitality, kindness and respect for the traveler. After assisting me for most of the night, here’s what they brought me in exchange for the Mini the following morning. Nothing less than an Audi A3. (I preferred the Mini, which certainly lends itself better to solo travel but I certainly can’t complain)

and that’s it … if you see a Mini Convertible on some Greek island with someone driving who often stops to take lots of photos, it could be me. …follow me…

Lipsi: the island of the Dodecanese

In Lipsi there is no airport, no hospital, very few inhabitants and when I’ve been here in 2018, mass tourism had not yet arrived at the end of June.
People come here to be in peace, explore the island and enjoy the blue sea along with the splendid Greek sun.
The silence is broken only by the sound of the sea waves and, when you move a little away from the beach, also by the bells of the goats. They are the characteristic sounds of these parts of Greece. They will make you fall in love … Just as you will fall in love with these splendid little churches with blue roofs that are scattered almost everywhere. Some are open, others closed, but the best part is climbing a hill, walking for a while and finding these buildings perfectly preserved over time …

Photo by Patty Apostolides on Unsplash

Here, in Lipsi, you can get lost in the village streets in search of a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious Mediterranean meal. While there aren’t crowds of other Greek islands, some evenings you may already find some full restaurants, especially the more popular ones or those with sea views (not necessarily the same ones). But breathing this peace and quiet of the place after a panorama of is always worthwhile.

Lipsi: the white and blue houses of the village crossed by small streets
Photo Adobe stock

If walking a bit doesn’t tire you, you can admire the landscape that leads to the most suggestive beaches (alternatively you can rent bikes, scooters or take a taxi).

Robert Powell, CC BY-SA 3.0, through Wikimedia Commons

Personally my favorite beach in Lipsi is Platis Gialos (not the one in the picture) for these reasons:
– there is a suggestive walk to get there (under the sun so get organized);
-there is a restaurant;
-the water is blue like that of a swimming pool and also at a pleasant temperature;
-until too many people start to arrive, it is divinely;
-here too you will find ducks and goats and, if you are with children, you make them have fun without having to keep them in the water all the time.

Kastellorizo: alone on the island of “Mediterraneo”

I had wanted to come here for years. Like many, I dreamed of visiting this island far from everything and everyone after seeing the legendary “Mediterraneo”, an unforgettable movie directed by Gabriele Salvatores in 1991.
But, for one reason or another, it had always been impossible for me to get here to Kastellorizo.Even just for a “day trip” of a few hours which, I assure you, is not enough to see everything properly.

It is undeniable to suppose that many, imagining their landing in Kastellorizo, dreamed of an approach similar to that of the military in the “Mediterraneo” movie, to the stony beach and their entry into the deserted village.

I don’t know in which part of the island those scenes were shot but it is clear that everything has changed a lot here since then, despite Kastellorizo having retained that flavor and colors of the past. Entering the marina with the ship you will immediately notice the white chapel (cover photo) that was often framed in the film and, above all, the long port of the town, colorful and perfectly preserved.

Vasilissa’s blue house is now a small hotel (B&B or studio) and is clearly visible in this photo below in the village part. As are the columns with the arches alongside which a scene of the film was shot. Only in 1991 they weren’t as colorful and well-kept as they are now.
Almost everything is now used as restaurants, hotels or structures dedicated to tourists because “Mediterraneo” has not only been very successful in cinema, but has brought tourists from all over the world to Kastellorizo.

But if you decide to walk and discover this beautiful island, perhaps you will find other wonderful glimpses of those scenes from 30 years ago and you will surely get excited.

Around Kastellorizo live 5 or 6 sea turtles. If you have a little patience, it will not be difficult for you to see them

It is enough to get lost behind the many restaurants overlooking the sea to admire the secrets and small alleys of Kastellorizo.
If you are lucky you might also see one of the 5-6 sea turtles pass by that now live here permanently and allow themselves to be photographed. This is proof, as well as of their strength, also of the fact that Kastellorizo despite the tourism, has managed to preserve the authenticity of the past and the beauty that even nature approves!

Walking Walking and walking again.

One of the first things I learned when I started to get passionate about photography is that if I wanted to find interesting views, I had to arm myself with patience and walk a lot. A waiter from a restaurant in Kastellorizo where I stopped for lunch and asked where the military base of the film “Mediterraneo” could be, pointed me without much thought to the top of the hill.
Without thinking about the fact that it was more than 40 ° C, I walked under the sun before 4.15 pm and my ship took me away from this beautiful island.

Arriving at the top of the hill, passing among houses, churches and some abandoned buildings, the perspective on the island is clear: on one side the port and the center of life with the restaurants, the small studios, the B & Bs and the Kastellorizo that we met through photos of the internet. and TV.
On the other side, instead, the bay with the blue water, the boats and the vegetation with everything to discover.
But one thing remained in my heart before starting the “climb” to the top of the hill: talking about Kastelorizo and Greece with the waiter of the restaurant, I asked him intrigued:

“But what are you doing here all winter?”
.. and he replied amused:
we wait for summer to come”