Does the Overlook Hotel of the movie “Shining” really exists?

Have you been terrified by the infinite corridors and from the rooms of the Overlook Hotel in Shining Scenes, the Horror movie of Stanley Kubrik inspired by the novel of Stephen King? Now you are wondering if the immense building deserted in the mountains of Colorado was only the result of some temporary cinematographic creations, or does a similar hotel really exist from which part in the United States of America?

The answer to your questions is YES! The Overlook Hotel exists, but has a different name, same location but atmospheres completely equal.
The Stanley Hotel is located in the Estes Park in Colorado and seems to have been a truly theater of some paranormal events in the past.
Stephen King stayed at the beginning of the 1970s and broke inspiration for the famous novel Shining.
The American writer began to write the novel in which he told of a man, Jack Torrace (interpreted in the film by Jack Nicholson) who, in the winter closure months, assumed the role of guardian together with his wife and son but, due to various phenomena Paranormal and problems with alcohol, losing his head and tried to exterminate his family.

Image by Shutterstock

Today the Stanley Hotel , a Georgian-style building that houses 140 rooms, offers various services, including day and night tours, weddings and receptions.
It could be an interesting idea to discover the Colorado mountains and maybe some hidden corners of your novel or favorite movie.
Who knows what this hotel does not inspire you one day…