The magic of Christmas in Tallinn

I know it. Looking at the cover image of Tallinn and its Christmas market in the Old Town, one would want to run to the airport and leave immediately! At least to enjoy the fresh air, the snow of Estonia and the atmosphere of its capital.

I remember a Christmas in Tallinn a few years ago. A truly special and particular city: The absolute silence of some streets broken only by the “cracking” of the snow under the boots that alternates with the more crowded streets of other areas of the center. Tallinn has a very special charm that will captivate you, especially during the Christmas period, when lights, snow and colors make this already magical place even more enchanted.

The Christmas tree

It is said that the first Tallinn Christmas tree was brought to the city as far back as 1441 by the Brotherhood of the Blackheads. If this were true, the Tallinn Christmas tree would be the first Christmas tree to be placed on the square in a European town. The event became of great interest for business and the nobility, so much so that during the installation of the Christmas tree of 1711, Peter the Great, the Great Emperor of Russia, was attracted.

Every year in Estonia there is a competition to decide the most beautiful fir that will go to Town Hall Square in Tallinn during the Christmas holidays. Here it will be covered with lights and decorations produced by the Adam Decolight factory in Rapla, Estonia, which creates lights for the tree but also for roads, airports and shopping centers all over the world.

The Christmas markets

You can see it from the aerial photo of the cover but, the Tallinn Christmas markets are a real splendor. All around the Christmas tree in the town hall square of the medieval center are the wooden houses with many flavors and aromas of the Estonian capital.
If you happen to run into Santa on his way south, don’t be too surprised. Who knows he doesn’t stop around here to let the reindeer rest!

Source and cover photo: Visit Estonia