Da Lat: the city of flowers

Da Lat is somewhat hidden in the highlands of Vietnam in the south of the country. With its colorful hills, meadows full of flowers, trees full of blooms, it attracts all kinds of tourists, from families through couples to lovers of wellness and nature or, why not, of photography.

From lat it was once a holiday center for the French who have left indelible marks on the architecture of this city.
The nerve center of the Vietnamese city is the lake, but don’t forget to visit the hills, full of colors and natural wonders.

Pongour waterfall, Shutterstock photo

As mentioned above, the focal point of Da Lat is undoubtedly the Xuân Hương lake where you can find the market with stalls full of fresh flowers, hotels and local meats and, also in the area, the charming train station of the city. The natural beauty that you absolutely cannot miss are the waterfalls in the area: Pongour and the Elephant for example are about fifty kilometers from Da Lat and offer incredible scenery, as well as the possibility of practicing sports such as canoeing, hiking and mountain biking.

The city of eternal spring

Lake of Da Lat
Image by Phúc Mã from Pixabay

The temperate climate of Da Lat is the strong point of this area. Do not forget, however, to bring some heavier clothes in the winter months and that between April and November it could rain. The month of May is perhaps the best to visit Da Lat and its natural wonders.