Christmas in Odense

Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense in 1805 in modest conditions as the son of a shoemaker. What better time, if not Christmas, is there to dream of becoming a famous person despite the fact that life has not been favorable to us from the beginning? In 1867 HC Andersen was made an honorary citizen and Odense welcomed the news by organizing a torchlight procession in his honor.

In the magical atmosphere of Christmas, thinking of starting your visit to the city right from the yellow house of one of the most famous writers in the world, can be an idea to fully enjoy the period and the Nordic feeling that this special place can give you.

While Odense is well suited to families, it is also true that children will go crazy with joy when they can admire rare pieces of Danish railways in the Odense Railway Museum, which is located near the center (look for Danmarks Jernbanemuseum on google maps).

During the dark season and the winter period, being able to enjoy the Christmas lights and fresh northern air is essential for strolling along the streets of Odense in December. On the last Saturday of November, the Flakhaven Christmas tree, the town hall square, lights up and there will be music, events and the presence of a very important character: Santa Claus.

The hot chocolate

If you think Northern Europe is just cold and ice, then you are missing out on a lot. I remember wonderful journeys with breathtaking views, but the pleasure of walking into a bar for a hot drink after spending a few hours out walking is priceless!
In Odense you will find a hot chocolate for every taste: walking around the city there are cafes that make many types of hot chocolate: if you are undecided between cocoa and hot chocolate, entering the FredosCoffeeright you will not know what to choose, as here they serve an infinite variety of chocolates, coffees and capuccinos. The Papas Papbar will drive you crazy! Here you can choose your chocolate and then you can decide which of the 600 board games to choose as you spend your time warming up with your hot drink in hand. If you are in company and fear the cold, perhaps this is the bar for you!
Is the chocolate plus alcohol option your favorite? The Receteria offers chocolates with Baileys or Cacao with Cointreau Rum and orange.
If all this is not enough to pamper you…

The Christmas markets

The first two weekends of December (4-5 and 11-12 December), Odense hosts the Christmas markets right in the historic center, the ideal setting for organizing a Christmas party with a unique atmosphere. Odense’s markets attract around 60,000 people and give the opportunity to find delicious food stands, small events but above all, that unique feeling of being in the heart of a colorful and fairytale city, as was its most famous inhabitant.

Source and photo: Visit Odense and visit Denmark

Skagen and the magic of light

Skagen is a magical city. The northernmost of Denmark. Skagen is the city with the most daylight hours in the whole country. A light that has inspired international artists and Danish impressionists who have lived and worked here since the 19th century.
Skagen’s light illuminates the evocative landscape drawn by its picturesque old town, yellow houses, red roofs, wild nature and the sea.
And if all this light and these colors have not satiated you properly, try going to the Skagen Odde Naturcenter, known as the desert fort. Here you will discover many things about light. And not only.

And if you are one of those for whom light is never enough, here there is also that of the sea.
The two seas.
Up here the Skagarrak (Baltic Sea) and the Kattegat (North Sea) meet, coming from opposite directions and meeting producing an evocative, absolutely natural chromatic effect. The two seas have different density, salinity and temperature and cannot mix with each other.

© Dennis Lundby from Visitdenmark
Grenen (“the branch”) it is the northernmost point of Denmark. In Grenen, you can admire the meeting of the two seas

Beyond the dunes, the sand and the seas, Skagen is much more. Here art and culture are everywhere. It will not be difficult for you to discover that the Skagens Museum houses 1,800 works by Danish and international artists from the period between 1870 and 1930s. They are all paintings “born” from the Skagen School, with works by PS Krøyer and Anna Ancher.
Anna is the only artist from the Skagen school to be born and raised in Skagen, daughter of the founder of the famous Hotel Brøndums, where famous artists who passed through here have stayed. It is no coincidence that in the dining room of the hotel there are many paintings that passing artists donated in exchange for accommodation.

To the south of the city, however, it is possible to see the Buried Church, a sacred building built in the second half of the 14th century and over time buried by the sand, of which only the tower is currently visible

Den Tilsandede Kirke
© Christian Faber from VisitDenmark

The picturesque little harbor of Skagen is full of fish restaurants where you can taste the many local gastronomic specialties. In addition to seafood, you can enjoy traditional Skagen ham, organic Angus steaks or a wide range of other local specialties.

Summer for Skagen becomes the season of festivals and outdoor events:

The Skagen Birdfestival is a festival for bird watchers. Every year in May this event is celebrated which establishes a unique opportunity to observe about 350 species of migratory birds.

Sankt Hans is a typically Danish suggestive tradition. On St John’s Eve, June 23, the Danes gather with friends and family around bonfires on the beach. For the occasion, the song of Midsummer Night, written in 1885 by the national poet Holger Drachmann, is sung, while the flames reflect on the calm sea and the mild evening air begins to cool. In Skagen, Sankt Hans is celebrated on Sønderstrand beach at Vippefyret – Skagen’s first lighthouse, built in 1626, from which there is a great view of Skagen and the coast.

Skagen Gray Lighthouse © Mette Johnsen

The Skagen festival, born in 1971 is dedicated to popular and folk music, and the oldest of its kind in Denmark. The atmosphere is festive, with concerts in different locations in the city and at the port, both outdoors and indoors, and with a truly unique mix of musical styles.

The World ballet in Skagen is presented near the buried church. Some of the most prominent dancers in the world perform in a repertoire ranging from classical to modern. The program also features opera and classical music with Danish artists and musicians.