Cretan Easter and its local delicacies

Crete has always been famous for its culinary delights, as well as for the beauty of its sea and its territory. If you happen to be on the Greek island on Easter days, you will have the unique opportunity to discover local delights that only Crete or Greece can offer.

On Holy Thursday, local sweet cheese cakes such as kalitsounia, anevata and lychnarakia are prepared.
On Saturdays, on the other hand, tasty meat dishes are prepared such as mageiritsa (a meat soup based on finely chopped lamb offal, lemon juice, lettuce and dill) or gardoumakia (lamb bacon wrapped in offal) baked or stewed on the stove; fresh cheese and a red wine.

Kalitsounia, Crete
Cretan cheese sweets (Kalitsounia) on a restaurant table, as a gift for guests in honor of the Easter holidays

For Easter day, lamb or kid on a spit roast are traditional Sunday dishes in Crete, which are often prepared using hot embers left directly on the ground.
The party continues with friends and relatives with whom they drink wine, tsikoudia (a strong traditional liqueur), dancing and singing Greek folk music.