Everything you need to know about Guyana’s majestic Kaieteur Falls

Suddenly the Potaro River drops 226 meters and its mocha color turns to foam and the deafening sound of crashing water. Kaiateur Falls are among the most powerful and tallest single falls in the world if you think that in height they are four times higher than Niagara Falls and twice as high as Victoria Falls.

Kaiteur National Park covers an area of approximately 627 square kilometers that includes rainforests between which passes the Potaro River and the extraordinary Kaieteur Falls.
In the large green context you can find unique species belonging to nature such as the tank bromeliad, the golden frog and the Morpho butterfly (morpho menelaus)

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The Golden Frog (pictured above) lives within bromeliads (Bromeliaceae) in Kaieteur Falls, Guyana. Kaieteur Falls is the only place in the world where this specific frog lives.

How to visit the falls

There are three main points from which you can admire the Kaiteur Falls: through the hiking trail you can reach the Johnson, Boy Scout and Rainbow viewpoints. The route is about twenty minutes long but the tours are organized so that, between photos and a few stops, the entire tour can last around two hours.

Break and Lookout are two viewpoints closed to the general public which require special permission from the Commission of Protected Areas to be visited. There are a couple of accommodations where it is possible to stay overnight: the Kaieteur Rest House and the Tukeit Rest House but keep in mind that, for both you need to bring bed linen, hammocks and food supplies but, above all, that to stop and sleep it is necessary the approval of the Commission of Protected Areas.

If you are daring enough to want to keep company at the falls for a few nights, perhaps you should rely on local tour operators.

Near the airstrip there is also a small museum that collects images of the history of the Kaieteur Falls where you can also find information on the flora and fauna of the park. There is also a small shop with small local handicrafts.

How to get to the falls

Airplane: Most travelers prefer the day tour by opting for a 45 ‘flight in a small Cessna from Georgetown Airport. Obviously the weather conditions and the number of passengers can influence the various tours. For this reason it would always be good to organize yourself well in advance.

By land or by river: a slow journey of a few days is perhaps the best way to discover the park and the waterfalls, totally immersing yourself in the heart of nature and adventure. There are several tour operators who organize trips of this type. Find all the info here.

Source: Guyana tourism

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