The incredible story of the ghost traveler

Today I will tell you a story.
An incredible story of a strange solo traveler.
This traveler without a suitcase went from one adventure to another, never stopping.

Now, you may wonder: “how could this traveler continue to travel and live all these adventures without ever stopping?”
Simple. He was a ghost.

person in ghost costume on brown grass field
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Once he was also stopped by the conductor who asked him: “where is your ticket?” But he vanished into thin air and got off at the next station.
Then he waited for another train and used the fog and darkness to cross the world on trains and ships.

He had no home to sleep in and nowhere to go. So he wandered all the time getting on a train and getting off when he arrived at his destination.
But why did the traveling ghost keep traveling through time?

Because he was once a solo traveler… and not even death had made him desist from the beauty of traveling.
So he kept jumping from train to train and, when the tracks ended, he walked and walked through meadows and wheat fields, then beaches and cities until he reached the sea.

At this point he boarded a ship and continued the journey…and he or maybe she never stopped.
According to a legend and some rumors that circulated among the railway workers, it seems that the ghost could also be a girl.
A girl who ran away from home many years ago and never found…