6 Austrian castles where to spend ( at least) a dream night

Fortresses, noble residences and medieval fortresses are legacies of Austria’s long history. Today many of them have become hotels, where you can spend days of vacation and relaxation, amidst works of art and legends of the past. In nature, on the lake or in the city, all ensure unforgettable experiences.

Let’s see where some are:

  1. Indulge in breakfast under the Rococo stuccoes of the ballroom or a newspaper reading in the original inlaid wood library. Outside the windows, the view of the lake and the mountains excites in every season:
    Leopoldskron Castle ( cover image) seems isolated but is only half an hour’s walk from the center of Salzburg.
    You get lost in its boundless park, where the notes of the film All together passionately resound, of which some outdoor scenes were shot here. Wanted by a prince archbishop in 1736, the palace was purchased at the beginning of the twentieth century by Max Reinhardt, theatrical impresario and founder of the Salzburg Festival: at that time the castle was used for traveling shows, with the public moving from room to room Really magical.
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  2. On Sundays you may be awakened by the bells echoing in the valley. A sound that few now remember, but which can be heard if you sleep inside a former monastery with the chapel still in use for masses.
    The Schloss Berg Klösterle stands on a sunny plateau at an altitude of 1,000 meters above the village of Zedlitzdorf in Carinthia. Off the beaten track, it is the ideal choice to isolate yourself in nature. The structure, completed in 1756, housed Carmelite and Capuchin monks, before becoming a school.
    Today it has been divided into apartments with bathroom and kitchen, which can be rented in small groups. The tavern with its barrel vaults, the isolated location, the rustic but comfortable furnishings: everything contributes to keeping the original spirituality of the place intact.
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Johann Jaritz / CC BY-SA 4.0, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

3. A small peninsula jutting out over Lake Fuschlsee. All around the silence of snow-capped or lush mountains, depending on the season. At the center is a Renaissance castle that may seem familiar to some: it was in fact a set for the famous Sissi trilogy of the 1950s (it was used as a location for the childhood home of the future empress).
But that’s not the only thing that makes Schloss Fuschl an internationally popular destination. The 5-star hotel has a stormy history and still preserves a valuable collection of works of art collected over the centuries. The most sophisticated travelers appreciate the impeccable service, the Austro-French cuisine, the indoor swimming pool, the refined beach club on the shores of the lake. And the charm of a fairytale castle just twenty minutes from Salzburg.
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Schloss Fischl Austria
Schloss Fuschl_ Shutterstock Photo

4. You don’t need a lot of imagination to step into the shoes of an emperor or an empress when you choose to sleep in the Grand Suite inside Schönbrunn Palace: just look out the window and admire the Gloriette above the Neptune fountain to immediately feel like the Kaiser Franz Joseph or his wife Sissi (to name the two most famous tenants of the building).
This 167 sqm deluxe room accommodates up to four people and offers the unique experience of sleeping in a four-poster bed in one of the most famous residences in the world, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The rooms of the imperial palace of the Habsburgs tell the story of a glorious past, of family joys and sorrows, of a legendary dynasty that still fascinates visitors from all over the world.
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Image by Sekau67 from Pixabay

5. The boat glides gently on the most famous river in Austria, the notes of the Strauss waltz immediately come to mind, the hills of the Wachau valley, UNESCO heritage, are covered with orchards and vineyards.
One hour from Vienna, this is the view at Schloss Dürnstein, a 5-star hotel in Lower Austria, a member of the Relais & Chateaux group.
Built in the 1600s, the castle belonged to various aristocratic dynasties until it was bought by the Thiery family, who today manage it with care and passion. Pride of the hotel are the cellar stocked with local wines, the spa with indoor and outdoor pools and the terraces where you can enjoy a gourmet dinner. The region, rich in medieval fortresses and monasteries, is a pleasant stop for those who want to be lulled by the waters of the majestic Danube.
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Schloss Dürnstein
Image by Karl Egger from Pixabay

6. A few dozen wooden houses, a church tower and not even 800 inhabitants squeezed between an emerald lake and the mountains: when you think of Austria, you probably imagine the village of Hallstatt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the surrounding region.
Lying on the sparkling waters is Casa Kainz, one of three historic structures part of the Heritage Hotel Hallstatt.
The other two, Casa Stocker and Casa Seethaler, are just a few minutes’ walk away and enjoy the same enchanting view. After a stroll through picturesque alleys or a visit to the salt mines, a coffee on the lakefront is always a good idea to review the images of the day. Hallstatt doesn’t need to be a great photographer to post the perfect photo on social media: every corner is truly magical.
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the town of hallstatt in austria
Photo by Юрий Лаймин on Pexels.com

L’Overlook Hotel del film “Shining” esiste davvero?

Siete stati terrorizzati dai corridoi infiniti e dagli ambienti dell’Overlook Hotel nelle scene di Shining, il film horror di Stanley Kubrik ispirato all’omonimo romanzo di Stephen King? Ora vi state chiedendo se quel’immenso edificio disperso tra le montagne del Colorado fosse solo frutto di qualche creazione cinematografica temporanea, oppure esista davvero un hotel simile da qualche parte negli Stati Uniti d’America?

La risposta alle vostre domande è si! L’Overlook Hotel esiste, ma ha un nome diverso, stessa collocazione ma atmosfere del tutto uguali.
Lo Stanley Hotel si trova nell’Estes Park in Colorado e pare sia stato veramente teatro di qualche manifestazione paranormale in passato.
Stephen King vi soggiornò all’inizio degli anni ’70 e trasse ispirazione per il famosissimo romanzo Shining.
Lo scrittore americano iniziò a scrivere il romanzo in cui raccontava di un uomo, Jack Torrace ( interpretato nel film da Jack Nicholson) che, nei mesi invernali di chiusura, assumeva il ruolo di custode assieme alla moglie e figlio ma, a causa di vari fenomeni paranormali e problemi con l’alcol, perdeva la testa e cercava di sterminare la propria famiglia.

Image by Shutterstock

Oggi lo Stanley Hotel , un edificio in stile georgiano che ospita 140 stanze, offre diversi servizi, tra cui tour diurni e notturni, matrimoni e ricevimenti.
Potrebbe essere un’idea di viaggio interessante per scoprire le montagne del Colorado e magari qualche angolo nascosto del vostro romanzo o film preferito.
Chissà che questo hotel non ispiri anche voi un giorno…

Does the Overlook Hotel of the movie “Shining” really exists?

Have you been terrified by the infinite corridors and from the rooms of the Overlook Hotel in Shining Scenes, the Horror movie of Stanley Kubrik inspired by the novel of Stephen King? Now you are wondering if the immense building deserted in the mountains of Colorado was only the result of some temporary cinematographic creations, or does a similar hotel really exist from which part in the United States of America?

The answer to your questions is YES! The Overlook Hotel exists, but has a different name, same location but atmospheres completely equal.
The Stanley Hotel is located in the Estes Park in Colorado and seems to have been a truly theater of some paranormal events in the past.
Stephen King stayed at the beginning of the 1970s and broke inspiration for the famous novel Shining.
The American writer began to write the novel in which he told of a man, Jack Torrace (interpreted in the film by Jack Nicholson) who, in the winter closure months, assumed the role of guardian together with his wife and son but, due to various phenomena Paranormal and problems with alcohol, losing his head and tried to exterminate his family.

Image by Shutterstock

Today the Stanley Hotel , a Georgian-style building that houses 140 rooms, offers various services, including day and night tours, weddings and receptions.
It could be an interesting idea to discover the Colorado mountains and maybe some hidden corners of your novel or favorite movie.
Who knows what this hotel does not inspire you one day…