Mariupol: beauty demolished by war

In these first weeks of 2022, in which so many news and images have arrived from Ukraine, we have often heard about the cities of this country that we knew something about.
Kiev, the capital has always been known to everyone, but Mariupol and other minor realities have been attacked by the war reports because they were targeted by the bombing of the Russian attacks during the military invasion.

But what was Mariupol like before tanks and bombs passed through here? Surely the position on the sea of Azov made and will make it (soon we all hope) a seaside and tourist city in all respects.
Not only.
Mariupol has a metallurgical factory founded in 1897 that produces hot rolled steel, which is ideal for the construction of ships, oil and gas pipelines.
Unsurprisingly, it was a Russian target for this reason as well.

Mariupol, Ukraine, aerial view

The city center of Mariupol, as it was before the bombing of these first months of 2022, deserves a visit and a few stops among the monuments of the city.

Russian Orthodox Church in Mariupol, Ukraine
Russian Orthodox Church in Mariupol, Ukraine

Passing from the Orthodox church (photo above), up to the Mosque, then to the Cathedral of Archangel Michael and the small monuments such as the Crocodile Goji in Primorsky boulevard.
The peace bell, as never before, should be one of the most representative monuments (if still present).

Ukraine.Mariupol. Mosque of Suleiman and Roksolana
Ukraine. Mariupol. Suleiman and Roksolana Mosque

War now

Vostochnyi district of Mariupol city (Ukraine) after missile attack of the pro-russian terrorists. January 24, 2015. - The cars which burned down on a parking.
Vostochnyi district of the city of Mariupol (Ukraine) – Shutterstock photo

Although Mariupol is not new to terrorist attacks or guerrillas (the photo above refers to a terrorist attack on January 24, 2015), the wound carved by Russian troops in this war is truly violent.
We have seen shocking images passing through TV, newspapers and the internet without the slightest pause giving a little respite.
Above all, the bombed children’s hospital and the transport of the wounded out of the destroyed building.
A situation that our society, defined as civil, should not even dare to imagine.
Let alone accept.

MARIUPOL, UKRAINE - JULY 19, 2015: Mother with baby walking near of destroyed building of Mariupol Police City Department

In order not to fall into the error of spreading incorrect information, we will simply conclude by hoping to see these and all the other Ukrainian cities shine with their beauty, with all their tourists (including Russians of course), their traditions and local festivals soon.
So that hatred, war and injustice can be fought peacefully.

On March 17th, the world turns green again with Global Greening!

On the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, Global Greening is back, the Irish Tourism event, which sees iconic monuments around the world light up with green. Born to bring a sign of friendship to the over 70,000,000 people around the world linked to the emerald island, over the years it has assumed a value of communion between peoples, a value that this year is also strongly associated with a message of hope and peace.

Overall, the cultural initiative will globally involve over 700 sites and monuments, with strong support from Italy with 30 illuminated goods. For the next edition of Global Greening, now upon us, significant numbers are still awaited, with the confirmation of some monuments such as the Tower of Pisa, the Well of San Patrizio in Orvieto, the Isola del Liri Waterfall, the Trajan’s Column, Villa Spada and the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola in Rome, the Terrazza a Mare in Lignano Sabbiadoro, the Rocca in Lonato del Garda, the Torre del Bramante in Vigevano, the Bollente in Acqui Terme, the Palazzo del Municipio in Parma, and several others . Procida, Capital of Culture 2022, participates for the second consecutive year with Palazzo Merlato.

Torre di Pisa
Pisa Tower

The Adriatic city returns to pay homage to Ireland and the writer James Joyce, whose “soul is in Trieste”. In fact, the statue that portrays him walking on the Grand Canal will be tinged with green. In addition, for the occasion, the historic lighthouse “La Lanterna” will also be dressed in the color of Ireland, built on a previous defensive structure reminiscent of the Martello Tower of Sandymount, setting in which the famous novel Ulysses, conceived by Joyce, opens. right in Trieste.

Milan, where the Irish Week will be in full swing, will light up the UniCredit Tower, the fountain in Piazza Gae Aulenti, the Spirit de Milan and Porta Romana in green.
Among the new entries at national level: Castel Nanno in Val di Non, Palazzo Cabrino in Novara, the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Loreto in the Alta Valle Intelvi, the War Memorial in Castiglion della Pescaia.

Global Greening kicked off 13 years ago in Australia with the green lighting of the iconic Sidney Opera House, which will also join the celebrations this year.
The 2022 appointment represents one of the initiatives scheduled in the rich calendar of international events to celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland.
Also this year the official hashtag of the initiative will be #globalgreening.