The double personality of the solo traveler

I thought a lot before writing this post: about all the people I met during the many trips, about the thousand different personalities and the extravagant people I met on trains, on international buses but also in hostels.

In the world there are many people who travel alone, so don’t be surprised if, one day or another, for convenience or necessity it should happen to you too. There are those who do it to seek a better life, those who try to “escape” from a more or less temporary stress phase and those who do it simply because they prefer this style of travel to that of a group.

Traveling alone leads to seeking more connections with strangers and this somehow forces anyone to travel in company and almost never alone. This is where the various personalities of solo travelers take over: there are those who prefer to limit themselves to a few chats or contacts or even isolate themselves almost all the time, rather than others who take advantage of total freedom to throw themselves into all the opportunities that the travel offers them. Evening outings, absurd excursions, changes of plans and everything that presents itself to them, becomes for some the opportunity to make a solo trip the biggest group party of the year.

I was in Tampere in Finland, the year of the Olympics in which Stefano Baldini won the marathon. I arrived at the hostel late at night.
At the reception they welcomed me with the usual phrase that announces a sleepless night: “Don’t forget! Make sure everyone is asleep!”
Obviously I found myself a serial snorer in my room. It was a man that his wife had put in a different room from his in an attempt to be able to sleep at least on vacation!
On the second night, shoes, objects of all kinds and various insults in macaronic English began to fly. I immediately understood that in addition to the snorer, I had found myself in the room with other Italians who, in general, I try to avoid because they force me to speak my language rather than learn new ones!

it was a couple of friends and another solo traveler: an architect who had decided to come and live in Finland to improve his working position and perhaps find a wife.
I was originally supposed to stay in Tampere for a night or two at the most. Because of my new “travel companions” I stayed 6 days.
Every night it was a disco or a pub or a tour of the city. During the day the market, the excursion or the stroll around the shops…

I know people who, due to a passing travel love, spent 20 days in the same city (without combining anything among other things). The solitary traveler who isolates himself manages to respect his travel plans, sees many things, meets a thousand cultures and certainly knows many people.

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The solitary traveler with a more open personality risks “wasting time” on unexpected events and programs not included in a travel plan … But in the end, this is also the beauty of the journey: don’t make too many plans and try to enjoy everything to the fullest what we manage to insert in those days of happiness that we can spend around the world.

To you the choice…