Aveiro: the small and colorful Portuguese pearl

No, you didn’t get on the wrong plane! Arriving in Aveiro, you may think you have “landed” in a small, colorful and slightly different Venice. Instead you are in Portugal. Except that instead of gondolas there are moliceiros and if you walk a bit you will find colors and beauties that will fascinate you at least as much as the Italian city.
The moliceiros are boats with a tapered and colorful shape that were once used for collecting algae. Today they have been converted for tourism.
The Art nouveau style of most of the buildings in the historic center make this city inhabited by almost 80,000 inhabitants a place of great interest and make it an excellent destination to visit even for just a few days.

Sunset in Aveiro
Image by Alejandro PiƱero Amerio from Pixabay

Don’t forget that Aveiro is a seaside city and, beyond its little treasures, you can take advantage of it to enjoy some Portuguese sun and beach.
The Museu de Aveiro in the Capela de Jesus is worth visiting. If you are a lover of contemporary architecture, you should visit the University buildings instead. Aveiro restaurants (but Portuguese ones in general) offer excellent fish dishes, such as seafood, grilled fish, fish soups and other specialties. If you want to try a typical dessert, you can look for ovos moles, sweets prepared with eggs and sugar, sold in various types of containers.

Young tourist tastes a Portuguese delicacy called Ovos Moles made of egg yolks and sugar; on the background of the canal in the city of Aveiro, Portugal

How to get to Aveiro

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