Discovering the white villages of Rhodes

After a few trips to Rhodes and wonderful Greece, I felt the need to leave in search of some corners of an island that I thought I knew all too well. Actually Rhodes hides some white villages perched on the hills, complete with a sea view, where you can enjoy wonderful views, discover unmissable colorful corners and taste some divine local dishes.

I will not dwell too much on the well-known and touristic Lindos, since I almost take it for granted that many have visited or already seen it, at least through the hundreds of photos scattered on the web … I begin and end with only two details of this splendid village where I had the pleasure of staying a few days. The little church of San Pauli Bay … You can’t understand what an effort I made to photograph it from above in the early morning at dawn! There is only a small hill from the parking lot above the bay full of pebbles and stinging succulents … The view is wonderful, but the terrain is rough and suitable only for local goats!

The little church of San Pauli Bay
The little church of San Pauli Bay in Lindos

But let’s continue south …
Just before arriving in Gennadi, another white village that I discovered by chance on a previous trip, there is Lachania, a village that you can reach from a road by turning right (if you are coming from Lindos-Rhodes).
A movie called “Hight Season” was made in Lachania in 1987, directed by Clare Peploe, starring Jaqueline Blisset and James Fox.
Entering the village you cannot help but notice an infinity of white walls and houses with the typical blue windows.
But what struck me most about Lachania was the small square which you get to by going down the street.
Big trees cover some tables and the bar where locals and tourists can drink and eat away from the scorching Greek sun.

I was talking about Gennadi
I had discovered this village by chance because during a previous trip I had lost my identity card at the airport and, when I arrived in Lindos, the only active police station was here …
So I had ventured at noon and under the scorching sun through the narrow streets of this deserted village in search of the police station to report the loss of my document.
This time, however, I returned with my camera and I found people around and some bars open …
A whole other thing but still a lot of typically Greek charm

Going towards Rhodes there is instead a white and very colorful village that you absolutely must visit: it is called Koskinou and I must admit that this was the place in cyui I have seen more tourists ever (after Lindos which is super-crowded of course) .. .
Koskinou is a fairly quiet village 2 km from the main road and 7 km from Rhodes (you can also get there comfortably by bus if you have not rented a car or something to move independently)

When the road is not long and the hot sun is strong, I always prefer to walk, because you can discover beautiful things and glimpse the beauties of nature … We know the sea and the villages but everything else?

donkeys grazing among the rocks

Yes, the details …
Seeing Lindos from the rearview mirror of the car is certainly suggestive but perhaps a little sad …
It is definitely best to see her when she is arriving and the vacation begins … Don’t you think?


Traveling solo in a convertible around Rhodes

It may happen that, after almost two summers away from your beloved Greece, you feel like returning to an island you’ve already seen. … But this time you decide to see it from a different point of view: – Almost totally alone and with the wind and the scents blowing in your face, while the hot July sun warms you from up there.

So it was Rhodes 2021.
A rental Mini convertible, the warm Greek wind, the emotions of a wonderful car through the solitudes of the wildest corners of this unique island. The less touristy beaches, the more remote typical Greek restaurants, the goats that slow down traffic and, finally, the white villages, which even with a small Mini Cabriolet you cannot enter. The beauty of being able to enter, find an almost deserted parking lot, walk a bit, then come back and find the car so hot that you can’t even touch the steering wheel.

My Mini on the way to Prasonisi Beach

In order not to get too bored with the same photos, here is some of the Greek splendor that everyone should enjoy and, without going too far, I am going to conclude with a few photos this short but intense journey that I hope to repeat soon, always on board of another Mini convertible and always on another Greek island.

A divine fish lunch in a restaurant on Primiri beach

On the road to Primmiri beach

finally the pearl.

A “small” accident (not caused by me of course) knocked out my Mini two days before my return home and, as usual, the Greeks proved helpful and efficient. When it comes to tourism, these people are always at the top and do not miss the opportunity to prove themselves the best for hospitality, kindness and respect for the traveler. After assisting me for most of the night, here’s what they brought me in exchange for the Mini the following morning. Nothing less than an Audi A3. (I preferred the Mini, which certainly lends itself better to solo travel but I certainly can’t complain)

and that’s it … if you see a Mini Convertible on some Greek island with someone driving who often stops to take lots of photos, it could be me. …follow me…