York: the most haunted city (of ghosts and legends) in Europe

York is a city shrouded in mystery and, apparently from legends, ghosts, folklore that hide under some ancient streets of the English city. Some paths lead through the dark and gloomy history of the city. But you have to have enough courage to face them.

The Blood Tour of York

On the Bloody tour of York you will be escorted for 1.5 hours through side streets where the city’s grisly past is told and seen with stories of invasions and executions.
During the award-winning tour you will also discover the history of the city and its most famous characters.
The narrow streets are quite simple and are well suited for families and people with walking difficulties.
However, it is best to contact the tour organizers if you have special needs or problems. Never let it be that you miss a few severed heads!

The Deathly ghost tour

The Deathly ghost tour is one of the latest news from the city of York. It combines entertainment, education, a little humor and, for this reason, it is also well suited to (more fearful) families.
This tour has three options: a predefined public tour through the streets of York, a private one that you can adapt to your needs, and a day tour of approximately one hour, through the most picturesque streets of York.

The original ghost walk tour

This is perhaps the oldest and most gruesome tour in history. It seems that the Original ghost walk tour of York dates back to 1973!
Every evening, starting from 8 onwards, a tour that explores the history, mystery and all the restlessness of the most haunted city you can visit starts from one of the most famous pubs in the city.

Are you brave enough?