Austria announces the end of the lockdown: the map and the dates of the reopening

On December 12, the partial lockdown imposed by the federal government on November 19 following the sharp increase in infections in the country will end in Austria.
The measures adopted have given good results and, for this reason, it has been decided for a gradual reopening divided by zones and regions within Austria.
After 20 days of lockdown, which had affected people not vaccinated in the country, it will be allowed to travel for tourism in Austria, taking into account the gradual reopening by date and area and any restrictions that will be maintained to preserve people’s health.

Dates and regions

From 12 December 2021 the accommodation facilities in Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Burgenland will gradually begin to reopen, while on 17 December it will be the turn of the SalzburgerLand, Styria, Carinthia, Upper Austria and Lower Austria.
Vienna, the capital, will be the last and will have to wait until December 20.
Keep in mind that the Christmas markets in Vienna are open from 12 December, but only people vaccinated or cured of covid can enter them (2g rule).
From 20 December, subject to changes, food and drinks can be consumed on site.
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