Traveling solo in Lanzarote ( with photos)

I traveled to Lanzarote alone in February 2019, the year before the pandemic. I remember everything very well: the warm sun, the low-season half-empty beaches and the long, very long roads that I traveled in total tranquility with my Opel Corsa hired at the airport.

Lanzarote is a special island. Unique.
Like no other.
The lava everywhere, the sudden white beaches of fine sand, the white villages and the perfectly maintained roads that run through this divine island. If you can afford a rental car, the off-season is ideal for enjoying the empty streets that never seem to end.
The warm winter sun and the less sustained tourism of this period allow you to better enjoy the island without sacrificing beauty and excellent climate. Some afternoons the thermometer of the car has reached to oscillate between 28 and 31 ° C and, if we consider that it was the end of February, that’s not bad!

Lanzarote: the road to Orzola

I do not deny that one of the most beautiful discoveries made on the island, apart from the beautiful beaches and the wonderful people I met, was to discover that, despite the lava covering most of the territory, here it is possible to produce an excellent wine (read article in this regard), so every lunch or tasting stop becomes a further opportunity to fill the day and satisfy the palate …

In Lanzarote, despite the many tourists, I always had the feeling of feeling at home.
Perhaps for that constant mild climate, for the flowers, palm trees and cacti.
In Lanzarote I loved the beauty of being able to go out every night in the middle of winter for a walk without worrying about the cold, walking on the beach as if it were spring.

In Lanzarote, despite having a rental car, I felt the joy of leaving my Opel parked often to walk under the sun or under the stars or, why not, barefoot in the hot February sand. Yes, because in February, while half of Europe freezes and suffers from the cold, here in the Canaries there are those who enjoy the waves and the sea …and if you fly 4 hours to reach these divine islands, then you want to take off the whim of having lunch outdoors, walk barefoot despite the wind, but also take some selfies in a summer outfit to make your friends “suffer” at home.

… maybe among the narrow streets of some white village

Traveling solo in a convertible around Rhodes

It may happen that, after almost two summers away from your beloved Greece, you feel like returning to an island you’ve already seen. … But this time you decide to see it from a different point of view: – Almost totally alone and with the wind and the scents blowing in your face, while the hot July sun warms you from up there.

So it was Rhodes 2021.
A rental Mini convertible, the warm Greek wind, the emotions of a wonderful car through the solitudes of the wildest corners of this unique island. The less touristy beaches, the more remote typical Greek restaurants, the goats that slow down traffic and, finally, the white villages, which even with a small Mini Cabriolet you cannot enter. The beauty of being able to enter, find an almost deserted parking lot, walk a bit, then come back and find the car so hot that you can’t even touch the steering wheel.

My Mini on the way to Prasonisi Beach

In order not to get too bored with the same photos, here is some of the Greek splendor that everyone should enjoy and, without going too far, I am going to conclude with a few photos this short but intense journey that I hope to repeat soon, always on board of another Mini convertible and always on another Greek island.

A divine fish lunch in a restaurant on Primiri beach

On the road to Primmiri beach

finally the pearl.

A “small” accident (not caused by me of course) knocked out my Mini two days before my return home and, as usual, the Greeks proved helpful and efficient. When it comes to tourism, these people are always at the top and do not miss the opportunity to prove themselves the best for hospitality, kindness and respect for the traveler. After assisting me for most of the night, here’s what they brought me in exchange for the Mini the following morning. Nothing less than an Audi A3. (I preferred the Mini, which certainly lends itself better to solo travel but I certainly can’t complain)

and that’s it … if you see a Mini Convertible on some Greek island with someone driving who often stops to take lots of photos, it could be me. …follow me…