The magic of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year

The vietnamese lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays in Vietnam and lasts 4 days.
At midnight, each family whispers prayers.
The bells ring and the drums beat in the temples.
The first morning is reserved for the husband’s family. The second day is to visit the wife’s family and close friends of hers.
The third day is dedicated to the community outside the family with visits to teachers, bosses or an available doctor.
The fourth day sees the opening of banks and shops and business is going on more cheerfully than usual.

Even if every year the Vietnamese Lunar New Year arrives between January and February, already two or three months before we start talking about this very important event.
When around the world we start thinking about Christmas and Christmas decorations, in Vietnam the excitement for this great event begins to grow.

How to prepare for the trip on New Year’s days

If you plan a trip in the days of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebrations, keep in mind that public transport to and from the most important cities could be full or, at least, suffer significant increases due to the overcrowding of the holidays.
Connections like the one between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, for example, may have long since sold out, whether by plane or train. Trips to reunite with family members, as in every part of the world, are booked months in advance.
In any case, airlines increase flights on public holidays on the most popular domestic routes to try and get as many people to travel as possible. Plan accordingly…

Vietnamese Lunar New Year
Image by Roland Tanglao from Flickr

Vietnamese Lunar New Year
Image by Dennis Jarvis from Flickr

As for the accommodations, the speech is a bit more difficult to interpret. In theory, we are in the warm season and, for this reason, you will find hotel and accommodation prices higher than in other periods. On the other hand, the Vietnamese are at home with their families these days and should stay less in hotels. Since this is a very important popular festival, it is still better to secure accommodation in time. Apparent calm does not necessarily coincide with empty hotels, on the contrary …

Most of the shops, restaurants and businesses are closed on holidays, so plan all sides of this aspect of the trip in good time.

Visit Hanoi during the Lunar New Year

Sunset at Hanoi
Image by Ha Ha from Pixabay

On holidays, Hanoi stops being a busy and noisy capital, taking on a more relaxed and quiet aspect. It is the best time for those who love to visit the cities calmly to enjoy Hanoi and its most fascinating corners.
You can look for some Vietnamese local open around or admire the locals walking around the city in traditional Vietnamese clothes.
Don’t forget to spend some time at the Temple of Literature and the Street of Scholars, as well as the famous temples of the city.