Estonia: Places surrounded by nature away from tourist destinations

Estonia is covered for half of its territory by forests and can count about 2,000 islands and islets. All this makes it an ideal destination for excursions and walks immersed in nature. Autumn is a perfect season for the colors it can offer, but it is excellent because it “opens the way” to winter, the most fascinating time of year when traveling to Estonia.

The Estonian sea
Saarema Sõrve lighthouse at sunset
by Peter Aleksandrov from Shutterstock

Vilsandi is a remote islet 2 kilometers from Saarema. If the water level is low it is possible to cross the stretch of sea on foot, but there are those who prefer to take a canoe and enjoy the sea with this “drier” vehicle. Vilsandi is a nature reserve with trails and juniper forests in abundance. You will find ways to walk and explore. And if you love the sea, there is plenty of it here!

The Harilaid Peninsula is also a good spot to find off-the-beaten-path paths for mass tourism. There is a hiking trail that crosses the whole island and leads up to the lighthouse. The lucky ones will also have the opportunity to spot some seals!

Harilaid Lighthouse
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The Harilaid lighthouse has a unique feature: it is partially submerged by the sea. With time and the “movements” of the earth, the lighthouse, which was once built on the beach, now stands in the middle of the sea.

Remote corners of Estonian nature
Summer landscape of Konnu-Suursoo Bog in Korvemaa, Estonia.
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Wetlands are the jewels of Estonian nature. Endless wooden paths cross the forests and, in winter, it is possible to rent snowshoes to explore these routes among the wonderful whitewashed landscape.
Kõnnu Suursoo near Viru Marsh, Muraka Marsh, Laeva and Meenikunno are more remote options if you love places away from it all to walk among nature.

Bike, camping and berry picking
Viru Bog in Lahemaa National Park in autumn
by Candy 1812 from Adobe stock

Another way to experience Estonia in peace is to travel by bike. You can take a train and move from one stop to another and then explore a certain place by bike. Some interesting options can be those of going from Orava to Viljandi or from Taevaskoda to Kiviõli on Lake Peipsi or Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Muhu, all ideal islands to be explored by bike.

Lovers of picking berries, berries or mushrooms can find “bread for their teeth” in the Estonian forests. Here you can find the Nordic wild blueberry, lingonberry, lingonberry, wild strawberry, wild raspberry and cloudberry. There are also mushrooms but the best places are kept secret by the locals, so try to settle for what you find.

Source: Visitestonia

Photos: Visitestonia, Shutterstock and Adobe foto