Who I am

My Mini convertible on Prasonisi beach in Rhodes, July 2021

My name is Marco and my great passion is travel. I was born and raised in Italy but for work and study I lived in Ireland, Vienna, and Seville, the city that perhaps best suits my characteristics. I opened this site to give a little “vent” to my desire to travel in those times when you can’t always be with a suitcase in your hand or with a backpack on your shoulder and to tell a little about the world I have seen and I’m seeing.

The website is called travellingsolomediterrano and, initially it was born with the idea of telling about places in the Mediterranean area, but over the days the beauty of the North and of the world has exploded, leaving the Mediterranean and the solitary journey what is in the soul of the writer: that of a lonely traveler who came from the Mediterranean born to see the world.